Cab Sealing System

What is Cab Sealing System?

Sealing system for automobiles and other cabs are the profiles that is applied insulate the cabin of the vehicle from the external environment. It minimizes air flow, noise, penetration, water seepage and entry of any kind of dirt. These door and window seals are applied on the doors and pillar or rail structures of the car and helps to improve the acoustic performance of the vehicle. It also helps to fill the gap between parting metal profiles. A well designed sealing system absorbs the sound through the rubber parts along the seal wall and improves the acoustics inside the cabin. The geometry of the sealing system and the physical properties are crucial factors in providing the superior experience while the lack of it may lead to unpleasant temperature and acoustic conditions inside the cabin. Body sealing systems are generally designed based in polymer products that are UV protective as well flexible to bear the wear and tear of the closing and opening of the metal components of the door or window and provide good acoustic performance with great sound insulation during the same also.

Advantages of Vehicle Sealing System

  1. Smooth operations of the vehicle cab doors
  2. Restricts entry of air, water and dirt
  3. Enhances the outlook of the vehicle
  4. Hides uneven surfaces and pinholes on metal parts
  5. Vibration insulations
  6. Guards against corrosion
  7. Soft and frictionless door and window operations
Vehicle sealing system are among the top non metallic profiles in a vehicle and has functional applications as well as cosmetic role in external looks of the vehicle styling. The application on external surfaces of vehicles play an important role in delivering the outlook of the vehicle.

Types of Vehicle Sealing Systems

  1. Window Sealing System
  2. Door sealing System
  3. Roof Ditch Moldings
  4. Windshield Seals
  5. Tailgate/decklid Seal
  6. Hood Seal
  7. Sunroof sealing system

Vehicle Sealing Systems Products

Our vehicle sealing systems solutions for automobile industry has standard as well as custom products. Bohra Rubber designs, develops and manufactures rubber sealing systems for automotive industry which helps to improve functional as well as cosmetic look of the vehicle. Our modern production methods focus on the best quality and suited polymers used for the industry application. Bohra Rubber is among the leading supplier of vehicle sealing systems to automotive OEMs and their component module suppliers. With our decades of experience into rubber sealing systems and components for automotive industry, we are well capable of producing components with stringent quality parameters.  Our design and development team is well equipped to cater the new product design and development for customized products for automotive industry. We are strategically located in NCR capital region of India and support the automotive sealing profiles and rubber components requirements worldwide. Characteristics of the Vehicle Cabin Sealing Systems manufactured by Bohra Rubber
  • Long life cycle of the product
  • Excellent reliability in tough conditions
  • Excellent performance in door and window operations
  • Enhanced exterior looks
  • Dimensional stability
  • Aerodynamically designed for better sound and wind insulation
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