Co-Extruded Rubber Profiles

Bohra Rubber Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Co-Extruded Rubber Profiles & EPDM Profiles. Co-Extruded Rubber Profiles are made by combining two or more materials with different properties to form a single, unified product. The end result is a rubber profile with improved performance and durability compared to traditional rubber profiles. Bohra Rubber Pvt Ltd uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to create Co-Extruded Rubber Profiles that are tailored to their clients’ specific needs. Their products are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Bohra Rubber Pvt Ltd is a trusted provider of Co-Extruded Rubber Profiles.

Door sealing systems (Co-Extruded Profiles) is the most important application in an automotive cabin and is known as cab sealing system. The most common use of door sealing system is to provide sound and weather insulation inside the cabin and protect the cabin from dust, water and air in the outside environment. This design of sealing system is also used in Deck lid sealing, bonnet sealing and similar other applications. Besides the protection, it also contributes to the aesthetics of the vehicle and takes care of the door & Body flange panels by covering their rough edges.

The well designed co-extruded EPDM rubber or thermoplastic sealing profile can greatly contribute to a well designed cabin. While traditional extrusions were made with only a single hardness and material, co-extruded and tri-extruded components/profiles combine multiple different rubber or plastic materials into a single extruded part, allowing you to take advantages of each materials characteristics and be designed to each attribute required of the sealing system like sealing, UV protection, acoustic performance, low wind flow resistance etc.

Functional parameters include various parameters like optimal balance between retention and insertion force. The important design parameters like Compression set,  load deflection force, insertion and retention force are the reflection of these factors. Co-extruded rubber Profiles are extruded together in strong solid EPDM rubber and Sponge rubber combinations. The combination of rigid and softer material within the same component serves multiple purposes and makes Co extruded Rubber Profile as the best sealing system for doors and windows.

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