Glazing Profile & Windshield Mouldings

Glazing Profiles

Glazing profiles and Moldings are trims that is wrapped around the glass and also elevates the look to aesthetically richer in a vehicle. Windshield Moldings and seals are applied to the vehicles mostly to evenly fill the mating parts of metal and glass windshield. It also greatly improves appearance and drastically reduces the wind resistance, leakage and sound leakage to make the cabin quieter. The type and size of molding differs based on the vehicle types and more importantly the mating metal part design, its profile and glass thickness.

There are certain windshield glasses that may need only top molding  while few others may have hard plastic side moldings as well. Windshield moldings which needs hard side moldings are generally attached to the body of the bus or truck and some other cars may not have moldings at all.

Windshield Moldings

Glazing profile & windshield mouldings manufactured by Bohra Rubber, are the most important components in the sealing systems used in all types of automobiles specially buses, trucks and off road vehicles. The paramount importance of Glazing profile & windshield mouldings components in the overall sealing system of an automobile has meant that high-end compounds are used to manufacture these components. Stringent testing is conducted for their ozone resistance and ageing properties. Conformance to cross section profile parameters with zero tolerance is undertaken on digital profile projectors aided by in-house auto-cad facilities.

Windshield profile components are manufactured in superior EPDM compounds with high ozone resistance capabilities. The cross-section design of these components are tested to grip the glass and the automotive body to provide perfect sealing required, avoid any rattling noise and also to provide optimal protection form dust, water and other irritants in the external environment.

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