Moulded Bellow

Moulded Bellows are the customized polymer sealing components used in automobile industry and build as per specifications and application. The application of the component and its exposure to external environment and its materials like Oil, Grease, Dust, UV rays exposure, Abrasives etc. define the raw material preferred for the component. Moulded Rubber Bellows provides secure and flexible seal around the moving parts. They have critical roles in varying applications like suspension coverings, wiring harness protection, gear lever covers and a large number of similar applications. The design, layout, its convolutions and corrugations and low levels of wall thickness make it one of the most typical components that require high level of designing and tooling skills and accuracy. Typical applications have a work environment where bellows are exposed to millions of cycles of dynamic stress and relax function. The Steering and suspension system of automobiles have the most versatile application for these types of components. These types of components are also named as Moulded Rubber Bellow Seal, rubber expansion joint and rubber dust boot etc. Automotive Rubber Bellows are manufactured using rubber compression mouldings, liquid silicone rubber injection moulding and rubber injection moulding processes. The materials used vary from Natural Rubber, NBR, CR to high end materials like Viton, HNBR, High end silicon etc.
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