Speciality Assembled Components

Bohra Rubber has expertise in specialty assembled components. These include a number of products such as drain hose assemblies, Rubber Stay, rubber holders, Quarter window glasses, specially designed windshield seals double taped Edge Protection Rubber Profiles and so on. Many other components with similar industrial applications are also manufactured to precision at our facilities.

To make a component that meets the customers end requirement and fits the application is one of the key driving factors for the design and development of the components at our facility. The range of applications and processes at our facility is huge as we have develop special processes to assemble components from Rubber extrusion and moulding and taping processes to assemble the final component. These components are supplied to OEMs and large Tier ones Our vast range of mountings is sought after by numerous Indian, American, European and Japanese automobiles OEMs based in all 4 continents of Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

The complexity of the part and its assembly often arises due to the involvement of dual or triple processes. Our facility that has all, Rubber extrusion, moudling and assembly under one roof greatly enhances our capability and gives us a unique advantage in manufacturing these complex components with multiple processes.